Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Happy and the Hideous

A typical, nonchalant day is filled with wonderful, beautiful, happy moments that make you smile. Each day also has some little moments that may seem ugly or hideous. It's so important to hang on to those moments that make you smile and say, "life is soo good!" The little bad moments are acknowledged and hopefully learned from and then let go.
Which is why I will share my hideous 3 of today and end with my top happy 10. 
Hideous #3: Getting shoes and coats on 4 boys and out the door, into the van, and strapped into their car seats. It takes several prompts and pleadings, and I have to start 45 min before we go or we will be late.
Hideous #2: Having to rescue Adam from being pushed, tackled, and picked on.
Hideous #1: Taking Silas away from the tv to put him to bed. He was one unhappy boy and I was so ready to have him in bed. Impatient mamma + screaming child = my hideous # 1 for the day. (I can take that! Especially when you take into consideration the following wonderful moments!)
Here's the Happy in no particular order...they all made me smile and some laugh.
Happy #10: Having the opportunity to help someone by babysitting her son.
Happy #9: Doug offered and took Brigham home from school today.
Happy#8: Watching Brigham walk into the school with his little friend.
Happy #7: Brigham helped me unload the dishwasher without being asked.
Happy #6: Brigham took out a highlighter and started marking little lines from the Friend magazine. (He saw me do this tothe  Ensign) then he looked up and explained to me, "I am doing this to the parts of the story that I like"
Happy#5: Silas does his "evil laugh". It is a low, growly "ha ha ha" coming out from this tiny, toe-head cutie. I try not to laugh at it because it usually means he is trying to bother someone, but I can't help's way too funny!
Happy #4: Adam usually wakes up happy and that's how it was today. I hear him taking in his crib. I open the door and say, "Hi, baby!" He gets this big grin on his face and sucks on his blanket and then he plays hard to get and turns away from me so I pick him up and give him kisses. 
Happy #3 Adam jumping on Silas's bed and babbling whole sentences that you wish with all your heart you could understand, but it's too cute.
Happy #2: I got a letter in the mail from my little brother who is on his mission I Florida.
Happy #1: Doug is at class right now, but I am anxiously waiting for him to come home. When he does....happy, happy, happy!

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Renae Mackley said...

Such cuties, even with the trials. What did Dean have to say?