Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Snow Day! (I mean wind chill day)

We have been little hermits this week, the little boys and I. Brigham and Silas have been sick so we have stayed inside to keep our germs to ourself. Well, school was cancelled today and daddy got to be home.(well, sort of. He did a lot of errands). So we went out today! We went to Lowes to look at water heaters so we raced down the wide aisles in the racecar cart! We went to Costa Vida and Kiwi Loco! Adam has been playing dress up all day with daddy's stuff. He loves to put on daddy's things and he just says, "da da, da da" when he wears it. We cut off some carpet in Brigham's room a couple days ago and he hasn't wanted to sleep in that room since. Today we convinced him, but while I was reading Silas a story, Brigham got about six blankets to lay down over the cement to make him feel better. He was really worried about the poky carpet strips on the edge of the room that were exposed. He thought his little brothers were going to tear up their feet. I said, "Brigham, you don't need to worry." He said, "yes I do! I'm the big brother!"

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