Monday, February 17, 2014

Sounds of Today

I woke up to Doug saying, "Sharlene!" Followed by groans of pain. He has had a tight neck, and he really tightened up and was having spasms in his upper back. The blender whirred and grinded as I made him a smoothie to get potassium and calcium in him, along with ibuprophen and Tylenol. Pain-a-trate and a heating pad seemed to make it bearable. 
I left the boys and Doug to the sounds of "rockadoodle" and went outside to have the wind rushing by my ears for three miles of running.
Sounds of happy laughter and my boys playing together are sounds that make me smile. I hear them announce, "...And the winner is....Brigham!" Followed by a smaller voice saying, "and da winner is me....Silas!"
"Uh, uh, uh!" Is the sound Adam makes when he wants something I have, like granola. 
There are also sounds throughout the day that make me want to plug my ears. Like the screaming and the "waaah's", but the cute little sad faces make it almost entertaining. 
The night ended with some very sweet sounds. Silas's prayer, "fankee (thank Thee) for ows (our) home and....dinner and...cookies". Adam's sweet laughter while I was singing to him. He kept putting his hands in my mouth so I would quickly turn my head away and turn back to look at him and he would erupt with giggles. Good night!

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