Monday, February 10, 2014

Black-eyed Brigham

Brigham was so excited when Daddy came home with the prizes he had earned from doing the fundraiser. He got a remote control helicopter, a nano bug, and a spiky ball that lights up. 

We had a short family home evening and then went to support Doug at his basketball game. During the half-time, Brigham's head collided with his friend's head while they were running around. Brigham happened to hit at the perfect wrong spot above his eye to get a popped blood vessel and a very swollen eye. Youch! I ran outside to get a snowball and put it in a bag to ice it. I didn't watch the second half of Doug's game because I was preoccupied with my little Brigham. But Doug's team won easily
Our FHE treat was kiwi loco. The boys really enjoy picking their flavor and toppings. It's fun! 
It was sure sweet to cuddle with Brigham tonight. He will have a nice shiner for show and tell tomorrow!

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