Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moody Mommy

Snapping at my kids and my husband, feeling sorry for myself. That was the moody mommy monster of me yesterday.  It was a culmination of a lot of things: I haven't been terribly sick, but I have been somewhat sick for two weeks. It's like having a cloud over you and it just won't go away.  I was just fed up with not being well. I had kids demanding of me...,"Mom..I want a sammich!", " Mom, get me some soup!" Silas is now coughing and has had fevers and a runny nose; poor little guy, but I was also thinking about myself. You see this messed up our weekend plans. We keep splitting up our family this weekend because one of us has to stay home with sick little Silas. I was bummed I had to miss out on my sister-in-law's basketball game. Wow, talk about a selfish attitude! I realized this when I was alone with Silas and Adam and serving them snacks. I also realized that I didn't read my scriptures yesterday. How easy it is to get a moody and selfish attitude when we don't start out the day right and invite the spirit to be with you. When you are not focusing on others and just consumed with your own self. 
I am extremely blessed. So many others have poor health all the time. So many others, I am sure, had a day yesterday that was ten times harder than mine and I am sure that they were much more positive and handled hints better than I did. 

Sorry to my family who had to deal with me yesterday. Although I am staying home with Silas and Adam today and we will miss out on church and on a family gathering... I am grateful today and I am happy. I am not thinking about myself, but of other needs. It feels much better. I hope everyone is having a great day!

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