Friday, February 14, 2014

Funny and Sweet Valentine Surprises

A few days ago, Doug took the laptop and sat on the couch to do his homework (so I assumed). I ran outside to finally pick up the beach toys that were blown around our yard that the boys used to play in the snow with. A little shovel was blown right in front of the window that Doug was sitting by. I picked up the shovel and decided to knock on the window right behing him and say, "hi". He turned around with some wide eyes in surprise and then gave a really sweet smile. I thought, "oh what a cute smile!" But there was something a little funny about it because I wasn't expecting him to really smile like that. 
Valentine's Day as we head out on our date, Doug reveals his gifts to me. One very special gift was that he printed out our wedding pictures and put them in an album we got for our wedding (you'd think that we would have gotten around to it after nearly six years). I was so happy and so surprised! Then he asked me, "so, you didn't see what I was doing?" He then explained that he took the laptop to sit on the couch so that he could hide his surprise of getting the wedding pictures ready. So, then when all of a sudden I pop right up behind him, he thought he was caught in the act! Then he just smiled to pretend like nothing was suspicious. Ha ha ha! I laughed so hard when he told me...I knew there was something funny about that smile!
My surprise for him was heart-attacking his car. I put hearts on different parts of the inside of his car like on the heater the heart said, "you are hot!" On the cruise button,"let's cruise baby!" And other cute and cheesy stuff. I left him a chocolate strawberry and cologne. He was happy. Oh! I also put a song on so it would turn on when he started driving. I was a little nervous about it though because Doug had just gotten an email from the principal saying, "make sure you lock your doors because suspicious behavior has been seen in our parking lot". Well, I hope tho one saw me getting into Doug's car and thinking that was suspicious!
We enjoyed a nice date. We were going to go to Texas Roadhouse, but the wait was 1 1/2 hours! So we went to Red Robbin then the Saratov Approach. It was nice. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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