Monday, February 3, 2014

FHE with Dr. Si

We have had a breakthrough with family home evening! Who knew all I had to do was finally put our names on an FHE chart! Wow, the excitement it created for Brigham knowing that he had his own responsibility. The stability and organization it created. Why it took me so long....who knows? 
Tonight we sang "Nephi's Courage" which Brigham led beautifully but mom didn't play on the piano so beautifully. We had a special guest come and give our lesson was Dr. Si. Yes, he came in wearing his white lab coat (or was it a dress? I don't know, it did go all the way down to the floor) and came in carrying his Dr. Bag. He did a check-up on Dad, Brigham, and Adam. Took their temperature, blood pressure, listened to their hearts, looked in their ears (it turns out Brigham has spiders in his ears), and even gave them a shot. Then he gave a spiritual checkup and pulled out the spiritual Dr kit. It had scriptures, a picture of a boy praying, a beaded temple, and some hearts (for loving and serving). We need to keep our spirits strong by doing those things. 
We then had treats, a beat boxing contest, and a stick pull game. Fun fun! I wonder who the special guest will be next week....hmmm?

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Renae Mackley said...

Brigham, get those spiders out of your ears! Cute lesson. Cute family.