Monday, February 3, 2014

My Best Friend!

Who is your best friend on this earth? Do you know right away without a doubt who it is? Why are they your best friend? 
I want to tell you about my best friend and the qualities that he possesses. I don't mean to boast of this treasure of mine, but I hope to thank this individual from the bottom of my heart and to inspire others to be a true friend.
My best friend does not judge others. Of course he makes judgments, but he has a gift of wisdom and understanding. He can see all aspects of a situation and will readily recognize the good and the positive. My best friend will easily forgive and does not hold a grudge. My best friend listens to me and allows me to pour out my emotions. My best friend serves me and seeks to make me happy. My best friend cares more about me and my needs than he does about himself. My best friend works hard. My best friend takes time for me every day. My best friend tells me I am beautiful when I haven't showered or done my makeup and my hair is a mess.  My best friend is a joy to be around. My best friend has the same standards as me. My best friend knows all my weaknesses and follies and yet he still loves me and sees me for the person I can become. He knows my passions and dreams and encourages me. He makes me happy. I am so grateful that this is the man I get to spend eternity with! Thank you, my dear sweet, best friend and beloved companion! Thank you for being my true best friend! I love you, Doug! 

Oh yeah! And he can beat box! Below is a pic of him beat boxing. :)

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