Thursday, February 20, 2014

Super Fun KIDS Winter Olympic Games

I got a call last week from my cousin-in-law, Traci. She was inspired by Brigham's toilet paper snowboard track. "We need to have our own Olympics for our kids!" So that is exactly what we did!
We started out with a hockey shoot-out. I found a couple strips of lanoleum in our storage room and used it as our ice, a box for the goal, plastic toy golf clubs for the hockey sticks, and peanut butter lids for the pucks. The kids took turns being the goalie and the shooter. 
Ski jumping was the next event. Jumping into a pile of cusions! Figure skated to music....Brigham's figure skating turned speed skating. He's all about racing! Snowball toss was done with crinkled paper into balls and tossed them into bowls. 
I think the kids loved the bobsled event. (Sorry, I was pushing the sleds so I don't have pics to show in this post) I took the same linoleum and put it over cushions on the short stairs and put the kids in boxes "sleds" 1, 2, 3 and push and down they go!!! 

When I got home my sweet hubby did the dishes and was in the process of making us dinner! This was such a sweet relief for me. I am a lucky woman!

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