Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Best. Day. Ever!"

Brigham came running out of the school to the van and yells as loud as he can, "Best! Day! Ever!" I open the door for him and he wasn't sure that I heard him so he yelled again, "Best. Day. Ever!" I asked him why it was the best day and he responded, "because we got to go outside!" (He also said yesterday was his best day too :)
I recently attended a relief society meeting and a speaker talked about the importance of play. The majority of play time should be creative and she emphasized how important it is to play outside. 
Outside is a child's world to explore and run and feel the sun and wind. Outside is where a child's imagination has no limitations. 
So, when we got home I let the boys play outside while I vaccumed the van. They loved it! It's been so cold that we have been just playing inside, but it almost got to 50 today so we HAD to go outside.

Yesterday was Brigham's first friend birthday party. He had ten friends come! It was fun, they decorated super hero capes, played hot potatoe,balloon popping game, red-light green light, four corners, and a toilet paper wrapping contest. The kids were soo good and it was a lot of fun! What nice friends Brigham has. I was also very thankful that Mr. Bitter came home earlier to help me and it went so smoothly because of him. (He's used to handling a group of 20; he knows what he's doing). I told him my plan and he helped me realize how quickly 5 year-olds need change because of their attention spans. Because of that, it was just a fun party!

Ok, so after the kids were in bed tonight. Doug and I played Horse on Brigham's new indoor basketball hoop. It was so fun! More like hilarious to watch me jump from five feet away to try to slam dunk it and miss horribly or have bad technique. Oh well, it was funny and he still loves me.

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