Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Miracles and Russia Olympics

Brigham is fever free, lungs are clear, and hasn't been coughing!  I am so grateful that he is better.  I love little miracles.  They happen every day of our lives.  Sometimes we don't see them because they are disguised as trials.  But, there are indeed little miracles (and Big miracles) happening every day.  Some people call them tender mercies. 

These cold fevers have been replaced with other is olympic fever!  We have only watched a few events, but Brigham has already started earning his own medals.  He built is own slope-style snowboarding track out of printer paper and toilet paper then showed me how he "boarded" down it by jumping from paper to paper while making sound effects with his mouth. 

Doug doesn't have the Olympic fever, but I would say he has contracted Russian fever.  He speaks Russian, you see, so the sounds of the Russian dialect he has heard from the opening ceremonies and hearing a missionary's testimony who just returned from Moscow has awakened him to want to talk and sing in Russian more.  He even made us Blini for breakfast on Saturday which is a Russian version of crepes.  It's cute. I love my Russian Man!

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