Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good People Bless My Life and Warm My Heart

Brigham has had Dr. H as his dr since he was three months old. He had his quarterly visit with him today. I took all three boys with me. This Dr has been so good to our family. I am very grateful for him. Both Silas and Brigham have been having coughs and fevers. So, even though Silas was not his patient, he went ahead and checked Silas's ears and found a red, bulging ear. He also went ahead and ordered antibiotics for him. He just saved me a $30 copay! Also, during the appt Brigham had to use the bathroom and I was looking at the little ones thinking...uh what do I do with them? Dr. H said, "I'll stay here with the kids". He pulled out his laptop and put on curious George for them. Brigham takes 50mg of gleevec every day. Dr H said "we had a bottle of 400mg tablets that I was trying to figure out how to cut into eighths to give to you, but it's too hard to cut that small". He also mentioned to us that Brigham could qualify for a Make a Wish and he would be happy to send in an application for him.

A neighbor of mine heard my kids were sick and brought us dinner tonight. That was so wonderful that I wanted to cry. I got home from the dr appointment with Brigham and within 15 minutes, dinner had arrived and was warm and ready to eat . 

These are two examples of two wonderful people who bless my life. My life is filled with these people. I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life that warm my heart and add brightness and sunshine to every day.

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