Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Good Sacramento Samaritans

Walking around Old Town Sacramento, we ran into one pleasant person after another. First, we went into an ice cream parlor and Brigham chose Oreo ice cream and so the man handed him his cone. Then, Silas chose rainbow sherbet. Brigham didn't know rainbow was an option and started crying because he wanted sherbet. We ended up getting him a sherbet and giving the Oreo to Adam. But then the man didn't charge us for the Oreo cone. 

I went into a store and bought a couple items and it came to $15.10. I handed him a 20 and he said, "do you have ten cents?" I didn't have any change. So he just handed me a 5 dollar bill. 

Then we went to a little shooting range game. We were watching for a minute and then a guy gave Silas three tokens to play a game.

I forgot to ask for validation for parking so I went back into a little toy shop where I bought a little toy tractor for $4. I asked if I could have validation and they said if I bought at least five dollars I could have it. I said told him it was a little less than five and he said, "close enough" and handed me the validation.

This lady who worked at a trading post was like, "three boys!" And she thought they were so cute. She let Brigham and Silas choose one polished rock each to keep. 

I don't know if we look like we need help or if having three boys makes people have compassion or these people in Sacramento are just so nice, but I can't believe all the nice things that happened to us today. Thanks all you kind Sacramento Samaritans!

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