Monday, March 24, 2014

Sweet Blessing of Grandparents

My husband grew up in the same city as both sets of his grandparents. I grew up fairly close to one and several hours away from the other. My grandpa Mackley died when I was six years old, so I have memories of him, but not many. 
My boys are lucky to be living a mile down the road from their Bitter Grandparents. It is such a blessing to be that close to them. They get to watch their grandpa work and get babysat by their grandma at times. I have noticed such a great love that my boys have for both of their sets of grandparents. 

It has been a real sweet time to be able to visit my parents since they live 11 hours away now. The boys have really enjoyed being with their grandma and grandpa Mackley. Grandparents just have a way with the children that parents don't. It must be interesting for parents to watch their children raise children. I definitely have a greater appreciation for my parents now that I know somewhat what they went through for us. 
Thank you to all of the grandparents out their (especially Mine and Doug's parents) for being there with unconditional love!

Here are some sweet sunny Sunday pictures of spending time with grandparents.

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Renae Mackley said...

Yay! So glad you could visit us! We love being grandparents.