Sunday, March 9, 2014

Croup and a Heart of Gold

I woke up at 3 am to a barking sound. Some hoarse crying was accompanied with it. Oh no! That's Silas! He was having a harder time breathing. The poor boy had croup! I held him, gave him a drink of water, some Ibuprophen, and decided it would be good to give him a puff from Brigham's albuterol inhaler. Doug gave him a blessing and then I took him to the Redi Care. When we got there, his breathing had improved. They gave him a steroid and also found that he had an ear infection. When we got home, Doug was still up too. He had cuddled with Adam because Adam had waken up. We were both tired and slept in late for us, especially because of daylight savings. As I was starting to wake I hear my door creaking open further. A cute little happy-faced blonde boy in Spider-Man pajamas was carrying a cookie tray. On the tray was two red cups of water, two pieces of bread toasted and buttered, and two string cheese. The sweet little five-year-old just smiled and said, "I have breakfast for you!". No one told him that mom and dad were really tired. He didn't know we were up in the middle of the night. He just used his heart of gold to serve us and show us that he loves us. 
Thank you, my sweet little Brigham! Thank you for being my angel today. I love that boy sooooo much!!!!

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