Sunday, March 23, 2014

Journey to Cali; Destination: Russia

Yesterday we had a nine hour drive in the car driving from Twin Falls to my parent's house near Sacramento. The boys were awesome in the car. I have to admit it sure is nice to put in movies and give them a container of snacks and let them be happy. We actually did have 1-2 hours of music or movies.  We made it to Winnemuca and had lunch and then Silas and Adam fell asleep...perfect! Everything was perfect until we were at a dead stop right in the middle of the dessert. For 45 minutes we were parked in the middle of I-80. Everyone was getting out of heir cars to take walks and things. I guess a semi rolled over and had totally blocked the road. Well, they moved it and we finished our drive and finally got to Roseville. 

We were treated to an evening in Russia. We went to a Russian restaurant to celebrate my birthday (again!) it was awesome, I have always wanted to try some of the food that Doug has talked about and the food was amazing and totally exceeded my expectations! Borsch, palmeni, blini, schnitzel, and other things...the food was soo good! It was very interesting service though, they would bring out one plate at a time. Then, they forgot to bring one of the plates, but they gave us free dessert. They are very worried about rushing you, so it makes for a long evening at a restaurant. But I was very happy with all the food and thought it was fun. 

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