Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tribute to Sheryl: A worthy role model

Today we went as a family to Sheryl's very last home game of her entire college basketball career. We have been going to see her play since Brigham was a baby (even before that with her high school games). I have no doubt that watching her play has sparked my boys love of basketball. We can't even go to church without Adam looking at the hoop in the gym and saying, "b-ball". 
If there is a role model that my kids chose to be like though, Sheryl is an outstanding one! She is a kind and caring aunt, she is an all-American for academics, she is a great basketball player, is positive, and has a strong testimony of the Gospel. Thank you, Sheryl, for the example you set for me and my boys.
Congratulations on ending your career with a huge bang! We are excited to see all the amazing things you will do in the future. Surely while this door is starting to close, many more amazing options will open up to you. We love you!

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