Tuesday, April 1, 2014

After vacation adjustments

Getting home from our wonderful vacation and into reality is like a bonk on the head. But then when you get back in the swing of things life becomes comfortable again. Here are some things you have to do when you get back from a vacation.
Unpack: all the stuff comes out from the car and back into the house. Not too bad if you put it right away, but a lot of it is clothes which leads me to the next thing you have to do...
Laundry: two whole days of it plus just a little more to do tomorrow. 
Grocery shopping: we didn't have much food in our house when we got home. I was very grateful that my mother in law offered dinner the night after we got back. So grateful! Grocery shopping was an adventure in and of itself because I ended up taking all three boys. Three boys who were still adjusting to a new sleep schedule which made them tired, unhappy, and rebellious.
Adjusting to the normal routine: this means going back to work for Doug, house chores for me, Brigham not having constant attention from grandma, colder weather. But it is good too. We get to be at home together with our family. 
Getting back on track: time to get back those healthier habits. On vacation I ate a lot more sweets than I do at home. Time to be eating healthier again and back into the exercise routine. Time to have a better sleeping schedule. It's good to be home. I am so grateful for the time we spent in California and the memories we made, but home is a special place. Home sweet home!

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