Friday, March 14, 2014

Little moments that you don't want to forget

Nothing extraordinary happened this week, however little moments happened that will make me happy to remember them. Because these boys will be growing up fast and unless I write these little things down, I will never remember some of the sweet and cute things they do at this age. 

Adam is 18 months old today! He loves to kiss me right on the mouth. He is saying new words every day. I love it when he says, "ay go!" (Here you go) whenever he wants to give me something. Tonight he lunged from daddy to me to give me the sweetest hug and cuddle to make anyone's heart smile. 

When Silas goes into the "pretend" mode where he is just imagining and playing with things, he talks in a really high, squeaky voice. It's so fun to listen to him just go on and on in this voice. He is the best of my kids to say "fank you, mom". If that doesn't make a mom happy, I don't know what does. He likes to put things on his head and say, "look at me, mom!"

Brigham is having a great time and being very helpful in preschool. He loves to share his knowledge with Silas. He is always telling him, " Silas, did you know..." wanting to teach him something new.  Brigham has been listening to scripture scouts in the car and he LOVES it! I like watching him in the rear view mirror singing his heart out to the songs. 

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