Sunday, March 2, 2014

Behold your little ones

It was a wonderful fast and testimony meeting for Sacrament Meeting today. About half of those who bore their testimonies were children. These children all stood up at the pulpit by themselves and said their own words. They shared their own pure testimonies. It brought such a sweet spirit and gave me great courage. I sometimes am afraid with how the world is going rapidly downhill and askew, that my children will have some tough challenges to face. But these children who stood up today have valiant spirits. They have strong spirits and they desire to do good and to choose the right. They recognize the spirit of the Holy Ghost and I believe they want to keep the spirit with them always. These young people were saved to come down at this time because of their pure righteousness. 
I also had the opportunity to rock a baby girl to sleep today in relief society. I held this sleeping little angel the whole time. It was such a sweet experience for me. I felt of this little girl's spirit and it was amazing. You see, I am surrounded by boys all day and I get to feel of their spirits all the time. I can tell you that  they are both so good and both so different. It helped me realize even more that God made us each who we are for a reason. We need each other and we each have different roles to play. (It also made me hope to have a little girl someday).

Although those of us with little children at home get to watch these little ones all day, let's take the time to truly behold our own little ones and see them for their purity and how close they really are to Heavenly Father.

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