Friday, January 24, 2014

Why i returned to my blog

After about three years of absolutely not doing anything on my blog, why am I all of a sudden posting every day? Well, it so happens that I was inspired by a woman named Stephanie Neilson.  I do not personally know her, but she was mentioned in a recent conference talk.  She is a burn survivor and has been posting her daily life, struggles, highlights and special moments for several years.  I have felt the need to personally write in my journal and then realized that if I share it with others on a blog, it will become a blessing to more than a mere phew.
 I have also learned an important lesson on perspective.  Being a mother is one of the richest blessings and most worthwhile callings to have.  It is also extremely hard and challenging, not to mention sometimes it is tedious.  The diapers, dishes, laundry, clean-up, lunches, dinner, fold socks, listen to tantrums, "look at me's". Sometimes its enough to drive you to tears or to anger.  But the laughter, the learning, the love, the hugs, the kisses, the smiles, the testimonies, the accomplishments, the "thank you's" is where the heart feels its richest feelings, the greatest love and blessings and joy.  If I know at the end of the day, I want to share what I have learned with others, I look at the tantrums differently.  They now become something I am not bearing alone, but others will read and know they have those moments too.  It's the same with the joyful moments. If I share those with you then you get to experience them as well.  We can learn and grow together. We are all in this together.
Every Sunday there are women watching my family because we have the little children who are crying or yelling, or laughing, playing with toys, or blurting out things.  It is a joy for these woman to watch our family because it brings back cherished memories of when their children were small.  They miss those moments.  I have been told several times that "it goes by so fast" and "enjoy every minute you have with these little ones".  I know that these are precious moments, no matter how hard they are.  I know that these children were sent to me for a reason and I want to cherish every moment.  They will not be this tender age forever.  That is why I want to share daily posts on my blog...I will cherish every moment!

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Natalie Mason said...

Thanks for sharing, Sharlene! I look forward to reading your blog! It is nice to know others have the same feelings that I do.