Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A perspective on Patience

Yesterday I had a plan to go into town and get a few things done. I wanted to get the kids out the door by 9:30 so I could achieve two goals before taking Brigham to preschool.  Well, Silas is just the right age where he wants to do everything himself.  I need to wait for him to put on his shoes, but he has to wait until he is "ready" to do it.  He also wants to dress himself and zip up his coat and buckle his seat-belt.  All this takes a lot of time.  Frustration builds up inside me when we are cutting the time close and I don't want to be late.  Everyone was all ready, but then my dear little Silas has a package in his diaper (yes, he is still not potty trained).  So, of course I have to wait until he is "ready" and then I have to wait for him to pull his pants down himself before I can get started...then he needs do his pants and shoes all over again.  I was a little on was already 10:00 and I would not have time to do my errands.  I decided to kneel down in prayer and ask for help that I could be patient and understanding.  I got back up with the reality of my selfishness sinking me into my pit of impatience. I was so worried about what I wanted to do and what I needed to get done.  The thought came to me that I could take them to story time at the library.  Getting them out the door totally changed. It was not "pushing and pulling" them out the door now because mommy needed to do things; it was excited boys who were happy to get their coats on because they get to go to the library! Seeing them enjoy the music and stories brought happiness to all of us.
This was a story of me ending up doing the right thing.  I have to admit, that the story doesn't always end this way...but its OK, as long as long as I am getting better at making it end the right way and I learn from what I have done right and wrong.

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