Friday, January 24, 2014

These are a few of our favorite things...

A couple of Adam's favorite things.  One of them is the dishwasher. When the dishwasher opens, he magically appears right there and he is grinning ear to ear.  He swipes a spoon or a plate when mom turns to the sink. I look down at him and he is giggling and then he starts saying, "no, no, no" because he knows that's what I am going to say.  It's so funny and cute that I have to just chase him down and tickle him and give him kisses.  He loves the dishwasher swiping game...definitely a favorite.
His other favorite is his "baby" which is his blanket.  His blanket is his pacifier, and his comforter.  He loves laying down on his blanket, holding on his blanket, and sucking on each corner.  So, it literally is his pacifier. It's amazing to see the excitement in his face and hear the excitement in his voice as he says "baby! baby!" when he spots where he last laid his blanket.

Silas: Books.  This boy will sit and look at books for a long while.  He just turns page after page then moves on to another book.  It's funny though, whenever I ask him if he wants me to read him a story he says, "I don't want to take a nap!" Obviously naps are not one of his favorite things, but he loves the books and being read to (as long as he gets to turn the pages).
Another favorite of Silas imagining.  I am amazed at the things this kid plays and imagines.  He takes bites out of a chicken nugget and says, "look, mom, an elephant." Today he imagined that these balls were potatoes and he was loading them up and taking them out of the cellar. (The last couple of days, they have been sending trucks in to take out the potatoes). I asked Silas where he was going to take the "tatoes" to now. He decided he would take them to his bed and have the "tatoes" go to sleep.  He was very upset when Adam decided it was more fun to throw the "tatoes' at Silas then keep them in the bed. Maybe I can have him imagine that they were never, I don't think that will work, no matter how good of an imagination he has.

Brigham: Coloring. I never knew that he would love coloring so much.  He will sit and color for a good hour straight. (awesome!!!) When mom is busy doing dishes or making dinner and he wants to stay by me instead of going downstairs, he turns to coloring.  He is getting dang good at it too!
Racing. Everything is a race to him.  When I am driving him to school he says, "mom, we are in third place.  Pass the white car, mom."  At home, he races around the little round about that goes through our living room and dining room.

Doug: lately it has been going to the gym.  He comes home very happy and pumped up (sometimes tired, but mostly rejuvinated). And of course spending time with his sweetheart (that's me :).

Shar: Going out with the hubby.  We got to go out last night which was nice.  I am missing him tonight as he is at a camp out.  And watching the favorite things of the kids. 

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