Sunday, January 26, 2014

Texas Roadhouse...yeehaw!

Howdy ya'll! yesterday was a good old ordinary Saturday, but we put a fun ending on it by taking the family out to Texas Roadhouse. Here are the nicknames I have come up with for us during the dining adventure: 
Adam was the Knife Stealer. You know how they give you those big steak knifes? Every time I put mine down Adam would snatch it! I had to remind myself that I needed to put in on the other side away from him. Soon he started trying to snatch our plates too.
Silas was the Peanut Cruncher! While we were waiting the boys were given crayons, but they much preferred the peanuts over the crayons. Silas decided he didn't want to have to rely on Dad to open his peanut shells, so he decided to crunch them open with his teeth and pull out he peanuts himself.
Brigham was the Line Dancin Head Bobbin man. He loved it when the waiters turned up the country music and did a line dance. He had to watch. All three boys were bobbin their heads to the country beat.
Ordinary dinners can become fun adventures!

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