Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Little Happy Thought

When I was pregnant with Adam and getting close to deliver, I was getting scared and nervous. How could I do three children? Not only was he my third, but he was only 15 months younger than Silas. When Adam was laid on my chest after delivery, I cried and fell in love and all of my fear was swallowed up in the joy of this sweet baby. Adam has been my happiest baby and never needed a pacifier. He has been a rich blessing to me. He also has a calming effect on me that literally soothes my soul. My heart melts and I smile when he is around. It might be his little chubby legs running down the hall or that he carries Silas's potty around saying "bing bing"; it might be that he thinks so many things are funny and giggles all the time; perhaps it's because he mumbles everything and calls his milk "mok", or today he was calling hats "daddy" because he knows daddy wears hats. I love how he copies his brothers and wants to be with them. Whatever the reason, he just is my little happy thought.
 I love all of my children with my whole heart, I just wanted to mention some gifts of Adam today. 

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