Sunday, January 26, 2014

Burns, Church, & Monopoly

Sunday mornings. When you read that you probably think of a beautiful, calm morning where all is right in the world. Well, that's not really how it goes at the bitter home, and especially not on Sundays. Silas cried over his spilled milk, Adam pulled down my curling iron and grabbed it with his hand...ouch! My baby being burned is a sad thing. Brigham then bumped his foot against the curling iron. (Mommy, unplug that iron when you are done with it!!!) running late for choir practice, we put Silas into the van without his shoes on. This caused a screaming and crying fit until he put his own shoes on and we walked into church without any tears. 
Church was very nice. It was ward conference. An emphasis on missionary work and the divine role of womanhood. Thanks to Lisa H. for helping with the boys today. I am grateful for that.
We tried playing monopoly tonight with Brigham for the first time. Silas colored while Adam wandered around smearing banana on things (like daddy's Ipad). It was fun; we played a shorter version. Daddy won...he had the boardwalk monopoly.
Happy Sabbath!

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Renae W. Mackley said...

Brigham says touchdown daddy !