Thursday, April 24, 2014

Helpers and Hinderers

Boy, this week it has seemed that I just can't catch up on everything. I was planning on getting the laundry done on Monday, but I only did one load. I am finally really getting to it today and now it's a bigger pile. I guess that's how things go sometimes. Also, it seems that every time I turn around there is new clutter.

I keep finding clothes everywhere and laundry baskets dumped over (due to Silas wanting to wear a pair of shorts again). Brigham keeps cutting up paper and it ends up all over the floor. Silas was building a "house" with all sorts of random things like towels, books, and chopsticks. Adam gets done eating his food and then he hurries and throws the rest if it on the floor. It's worth it if they are having fun though right?

Well, these little cuties are not just mess-makers. They have been little helpers lately too. They especially like to help with the outside chores. Brigham and Silas helped me rake the garden today. Rakes and dirt can make any work seem fun for boys, although I would say they played with them more than they worked with them. Then I asked Silas if he saw any rocks in the garden to pick them up and put them in the bucket. He filled his bucket full of dirt clods...that's good too:). 
We had French toast for dinner and Brigham wanted to make them. So, I dipped the bread and put it on the griddle and then let him do the rest. He watched and waited, then flipped them over. He did a great job! Silas set the plates on the table too. Adam can be helpful; he likes to help put toys away (but then you have to hurry and get it out of his reach before he dumps things out again). 

Well, the hubby is out helping finishing planting spuds so I guess I better be helping too by doing the dishes. 

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