Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm walkin on sunshine

The sun shined the whole day today! It was so warm and beautiful outside that we spent the entire afternoon and into the evening outside. My arms are sunburned! I love the sun shining on my skin and I also love sunshine in my soul. Here are some things that bring sunshine in my soul.
My little brother just got back from his mission last Thursday! He went home to California so I haven't seen him in person, but I got to chat with him on FaceTime yesterday! Little brother, it's awesome that you are home! I love you very much and I am so proud of you for serving your mission so faithfully. Can't wait to actually visit with you in person!

Laughter also brings sunshine in my heart and my kids made me laugh today several times. Like when Silas says, "mom! Help us save the bug!'s dead!" 
Brigham was putting letters from our alphabet puzzle in an Easter egg and then wanted me to guess which one was in there. He gave me some hints; he said, " it's either A, F, B, or G" then he looks in the egg and says, "I mean F".  
I was getting dinner ready and the car alarm goes off. Silas comes running in the kitchen doing his low kind of evil laugh and he's hopping up and down excitedly. He said , "I push the red button and it went beep! beep!" 
Adam makes me laugh because he says no to everything. And he says it drawn out and makes a little scowl on his face which is very cute. "Did you play outside?"  "Noooo!"
Enjoy the sunshine!!!!

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