Friday, April 25, 2014

Conmen, Comedians, and Cops

So, all four of the boys in my house have been one more of the following today: a conman, comedian, or cop. So, do you want to make guesses as to who was what? 

Let's start with the conmen. If you guessed that Silas was one you might be right most days, but he is such a tease that this seems typical of him, so today I have two others; Adam and Doug.

Adam had a cup and came up to me and said, "ont water, ont water". I gave him about an inch of water and he drank it and asked for more. I gave him another little bit and he walked off with it. He kept coming back for more and more and realized something was up. Sure enough, that little innocent baby was tricking me. He kept taking the water to the living room and dumping it on the carpet.
Doug has been tricking me too. I don't know if he is going to be home or not. He was supposed to be at a campout tonight so I was prepared to be alone this evening, then they cancelled it and so I was excited to have him home, but then he took off to pick asparagus and ended up making visits to people. He just likes to trick me and make me happy to finally have him home. Which I really am!

So the comedians are Brigham and Silas. Brigham was telling Silas a knock knock joke. 
Brigham- knock knock
Silas- who's there?
B- Silas
S- Yep that's right!
B- no! Your supposed to say, 'Silas who'
S- Silas Dad!

I was downstairs doing an insanity workout and I come upstairs to see Silas blocking my way and saying, "don't see the mess!"

Cops: Since early this morning, I have been put in jail several times by Silas and Brigham. I was in the bathroom putting my contacts in and Brigham comes in locks the door, then goes out and shuts it. He says, "your in jail mom"....."mom, can you unlock the door?"

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