Monday, April 14, 2014

Adam's Apple

Adam was carrying around an apple, so happy of the treasure he found that his brother left on the floor. I have only given him slices. He has never chomped on a whole apple before. When he showed it to me I said, "you can eat it!". He stared it down, then scrunched up his face and opened his mouth wide only to make the tiniest little mark in it. He picked out the little bit of apple skin from his mouth and handed it to me. Soon he goes after it again and again and keeps trying to feed me the peel. Then he was shoving the apple in my face saying, "taste taste". I decided I would eat the peel off for him and he loved the rest of the apple. 

Poor little apple boy had a little accident tonight. At Fhe he was spinning around in circles and it was so cute watching him explore dizziness. I thought maybe I should move the piano bench, but no he wasn't close enough. Sure enough he falls right barely close enough to it for the corner of the piano bench to give him a very small gash above his eye. Ugh! I could have prevented it! I am sorry baby! He's ok though, it wasn't very deep and once I got a bandage on it, he didn't seem to mind. I will listen to that thought next time!

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