Sunday, June 15, 2014

Riding a Bicycle: a Father's Day tribute

Yesterday Doug went to the east Idaho garage sale and he came home with a sweet treasure for Brigham, something he has wanted for a long time, a bicycle. 
This bike had no training wheels so it was either buy training wheels to put on or spend the time to teach him to ride without them. Doug took Brigham out for about 30 minutes and worked with him to get going. Brigham did get going too! But, his muscles weren't used to it so he would tire out and not be able to go as well. They came back in and an hour or two later Doug said, "Brigham, do you want to go out again?" Brigham was so excited to go out again. They went out at least five different times throughout the day, working on different things like starting and pushing off, turning tighter circles, and balancing. I was blown away with the time and energy and patience he had with Brigham, working with him to learn a skill that he will enjoy using the rest of his life. 

I hope Brigham will remember the time and care he spent teaching Brigham how to ride a bike. It got me reflecting about when I learned to ride and you can bet who was there with me, teaching was my dad. He also was the one to teach me how to ski, until a paralytic wanted to teach me, but my dad stayed with me the whole time and that was a great comfort to me that he was there. I loved going on daddy daughter dates and when we would go to the mall and dad would act just like a kid and go hide our purchases. My dad planned vacations for our family to take which are times I have some of the strongest memories. Dad always got excited to try new food and made me excited about trying cool and different foods too. 

I am so grateful for the man I married and how wonderful of a father he is to our children. I am so grateful for my daddy; I love and adore him. I am grateful for my father-in-law and how he raised a most wonderful son and taught him how to work. Happy Father's Day to these wonderful men! We live and appreciate you all!

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