Monday, June 2, 2014

Life Lessons from Robbins

A little while ago we were happy to see a Robbin improving an already built nest on the window ledge of our bathroom window. Soon we discovered 4 bright blue eggs. When the eggs finally hatched, we put a ladder in the bathroom so the boys could climb up and peek on the babies. It was awesome to watch the mommy and daddy birds work together to take care of their little Robbin chicks. The mommy or daddy (not sure which) found a worm and came and gave it to the other for it to eat and then regurgitate back to their little ones. When the babies could eat worms without that process, the mom and dad worked together everyday, the whole day, to feed their babies. These babies were always eating. I thought it was so amazing how they worked together; they even communicated with each other by calling out to the other. Maybe they were warning each other that Silas was around because he sure liked to chase them away and wanted to throw things at the nest. 
It was fun to watch the birds get feathers and when we came back from Utah they were all out of the nest. I hope all of them made it! 

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Renae Mackley said...

Wow. Unique pictures and a special opportunity.