Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dream Night at the Zoo

Brigham was sent an invitation in the mail from his Dr to a special free night at the zoo for special children and their families. It was called, "dream night". 
When we arrived at the zoo tonight it truly was a zoo! The line was out of the parking lot and there wasn't anywhere to park unless we wanted to take a nice long walk. We probably would have toughed it out, but Doug had a campout to be too as well. We decided maybe we should just go out for ice cream. 
So we continued past the zoo and started making our way to Kiwi Loco. But Brigham's broken heart and Silas and Adam's disappointments: we had to turn around and go back. 
When we got back, the line was so much better and there were actually two parking places right by the entrance!! It really didn't seem all that crowded either once we got inside. 
It was such a sweet and special opportunity. What an amazing feeling to be around all those children who had some sort of disability or hardship or medical needs. You truly felt how precious they were. The animals may have felt it too because they were incredible! They were all putting on a show! Swinging  monkeys, playful otters, wrestling and climbing sloth bears, lions staring you down and the other one was eating. It was so cool! The kids loved it and thought it was so exciting and you could hear laughter and gasps and excited shouts. I was so grateful to get to be a part of that evening. 

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