Friday, June 13, 2014

Little Family Camping Trip: Wolverine Canyon

Doug just finished his fourth year of teaching last week and next week he starts another Master's class. This week is his week to breathe a little easier with only having to do farm work and house work. So he suggested that our family should have a little campout. 

I had never been to wolverine canyon before and it was very beautiful! It was actually very green and we were right by a creek. It would have been perfect except for the lovely cow pies!

It didn't take long after we arrived for Adam to say, "wader mom, wader!" Yep, they found the creek and started throwing rocks in it. Rocks are like the most awesome thing to Adam right now. We took a little walk and he wanted to pick up every rock he could see, but his little hands could only hold so many. He kept putting them in the cup holder of his camping chair.

Silas was more attracted to sticks. He tromped around jabbing his pointy branch saying, "I got a stick!"

Brigham enjoys being the BIG boy and loved that he could toast his marshmallow all by himself. 

I think Doug's favorite part was sleeping sandwhiched between me and Adam. Adam couldn't sleep very well, but calmed right down in daddy's arms. He was squashed. But, on an air mattress, it's easy to roll toward the bigger person. 

We had a yummy tin foil breakfast in the morning then packed up and went on a hike to 40 horse cave. I was a short, but very steep hike. It was a little bit of a struggle getting the boys up there, but despite the little slips, the boys loved it. Brigham enjoyed learning to be a better hiker and Silas enjoyed yelling hi to the cute little birds. 

It was an awesome adventure and one we should do again, however next time I would prefer a campsite with bathrooms! :)

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Carisa said...

Scott would totally love a trip like that. And Lanae would love to pick up rocks with Adam.