Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Trek and Hike

Last Thursday was Pioneer Day and we actually celebrated it here! I organized a one mile trek for the kids in our ward who wanted to join us. It was a success! We had we had 18 kids and five moms join us for our adventure. 

I found this book called, "Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked" and I used that to teach the kids along the way. We stopped to learn about how the pioneers used water and where they got their water as I handed them all water bottles. We learned that the children helped with chores and one chore was to gather berries, so I had he kids gather fruit snacks that I had laid out earlier. We learned about some pioneer games and toys and played a couple. I think they liked "hop, skip, jump" the best. Then they made the choice for the last little stretch if they wanted to take off their shoes and walk barefoot like the pioneers did. I think they really enjoyed it and learned a little too!

On Saturday, we went on a fun hike up to Aldous lake near Kilgore, Idaho. It was 1.3 mile one way. It was beautiful. Brigham walked the whole way, both ways (2.6 miles!) Silas walked about half the time, being carried by piggy back or in grandpa's arms. Adam got to ride the whole way on daddy's back in a nice child-carrying backpack. We tried to fish a little, but didn't try too hard to get anything. It was nice to have a picnic table up by the lake to eat our lunch. We are happy we joined grandma and grandpa bitter, aunt Sheryl, and Patricia for an enjoyable family outing!

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