Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Family Time at Jensen's Grove

It was such a nice relaxing Saturday to be able to spend time with our little family at Jensen's grove. We played their 9 hole disc golf course and then we jumped in the water. 
Brigham had just finished his first swimming lessons and he has learned well how to go under the water and hold his breath. He swam everywhere with his life jacket on and even jumped from the dock so that he was totally immersed in the water before he came back up. Then he helped Dad make a track for our toy boat to travel down as they poured water into it sending it afloat.

Silas and Adam had fun running a little ways into the water and then back to the beach. Silas wanted to build sand castles and then squash them. Adam wanted to keep getting water and dumping it on my legs. We had a great time!

Later that day I got to go golfing with Doug, my father-in-law, and Shayla. That was enjoyable to me because it was more relaxed and no one was pushing us to hurry. I was able to get some better drives and chips. 

What a good day! I need to have more days like this one!

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