Saturday, July 19, 2014

What happens at home when daddy's at scout camp

We missed Daddy for three days while he was gone at scout camp and his golf tournaments. But, our fun and disasters went on as usual with a few differences though.

Brigham pretended he was the Dad the whole time, except for when he let Silas take over pretending for a little bit. 
Since Daddy wasn't around to wear his boots and gloves, Silas decided he needed to put them on. 
Maybe Silas and Adam think they can get away with being bigger rascals than usual with just mom around. Or maybe I shouldn't leave the room to talk on the phone when the milk and cereal are still on the table. As I finished my phone call I come to see Silas and Adam on the table with Cheerios scattered everywhere and milk running off the table. I think there was about half a gallon of milk flooding the floor! 
I was very very happy to have Daddy come home!!!! 


Reneta Adamson said...

Enjoy the little boy messes. When they become big boys the messes are harder to deal with. These years are the best years of a mother's life. Cherish them, the days pass into years very fast. I would give anything to go back in time and be with my three oldest boys when they were small like yours, so close in age, so one minute playing and the next minute fighting and never a dull moment. Threesomes are awesome. You are very fortunate to get to clean up the spilt milk. Too bad you don't have a cat or a dog, they clean up milk off the floor real good. I used to let our dog come in to clean up after my little guys. My little boys loved seeing their friend the dog make their messes go away.

Shar said...

Thank you, Renetta. I really appreciate your comment.