Sunday, August 24, 2014

Caterpillars, Cuties, and Corn

Caterpillars: We have had these fuzzy black caterpillars all over lately. We caught two of them and put them in a jar. Brigham could take a show and tell on Friday as long as it started with one if the letters they worked on for the week. Well C is for caterpillars. So he got to show his class something fuzzy and fun for his first show and tell for kindergarten. 

Cuties: I love it when on the weekends Brigham gets up and decides he wants to make us breakfast in bed. He is getting to be a professional toast maker. He made us toast and got out yogurt and granola. Silas is all too happy to be his side kick as long as he gets to play in the butter. This time Brigham also wanted to draw us a picture; it was really sweet. 
When Adam had his yogurt for breakfast, he decided it would make a good hair gel....or maybe he just wanted an excuse to take a bath.

Corn: We have been loving the corn in our garden this year. So sweet and yummy. All of the boys do a really good job at gnawing down their cob to nothing.
 Yesterday we decided visit the local farmers market and Brigham saw someone selling th Mexican corn. You know the one with the white cheese and chilli powder? He really wanted to get one. I told him I would make some from our corn. That's what I did tonight and it was delicious!

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