Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Can't Believe I Have a 6 year-old!

Babies grow up so fast! Wow! Do I really have a 6-year-old? Here is a little spotlight on our Birthday Boy.

 He is such a smart boy. He is progressing in his reading really well and he is able to play games with Doug and I like Sequence, mancala, and quirkle. He beats me half the time at connect 4. His math skills for his age are crazy! He has a talent; I mean he has been putting together puzzles since he was 2!

He is my coordinated little sports man. He loves basketball, soccer, baseball, football. You name it. He has loved being on his junior jazz team the last couple of months. Whenever it's nice outside he wants to shoot hoops, kick goals, or bat at balls (with a plastic bat, but he just got his first real bat). 

Brigham is also my little artist. He loves to cut, color, and create. He can entertain himself with crayons or markers for an hour. 

Brigham is a tender-hearted boy.  He really cares about doing things right. He likes to please others. He is a sweet boy!

Doug and I enjoyed taking Brigham out to eat tonight. It was a special date with just him. It really felt special and allowed me to feel of Brigham's sweet spirit. We sure love our Brigham and are so grateful for him. He adds great depth to out family. Happy Birthday, Brigham!

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