Monday, February 9, 2015

First of February Fun

You wouldn't know it was February with all this beautiful weather!! The sun is warming our health and attitudes. It seemed that the majority of January we stayed inside, away from people, kept our flu germs and other germs to ourself. I started to feel a little gloomy. But, what a wonderful gift we have had in February. The sun has been shining, inviting us to go outside and feel fresh air and breathe in happiness. 
We took a walk around the greenbelt and some ducks came flying to us from the river. They landed right at our feet and were following us on our walk for a little ways. I am sure they just wanted us to feed them, but we can pretend that they liked us and wanted to be our friends. 
It's also basketball season. We sure have enjoyed watching our cute little junior jazz player. Brigs simply lives for basketball right now. He relates every day to being so many days before his game or practice. 
We haven't taken the boys to the movie theatre in a LONG time. We took them to the cheap theatre to see Big Hero 6. We also got them their own little bags of popcorn (FYI, the popcorn at The Pramount is so much better than Edward's and it's like $4 cheaper!)with a drink and a tootsie roll. They were in heaven. Silas was relaxed in his own chair with the booster seat munching popcorn and happy as a clam. He wants to go back to the theatre real soon!
Hope everyone is enjoying their February too. Here is to more fun the rest of the month!