Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Five things I love about each of my kids

To be truthfully honest, I could probably easily list a ton of things that my kids do that bother me. However, these kids are the most precious little people in my life. I love them a whole heap!!!

1. He is smart enough to play games with even if they are for 10 and up.
2. He can entertain himself with drawing or coloring for a while.
3. He can be super helpful when he is in the mood.
4. He is very sweet and sensitive. He has a very caring heart.
5. He writes me notes all the time that say, "I love you." And he likes to bring Doug and I breakfast in bed when we try to sleep in til 8am. It usually consists of toast, yogurt, and a banana. 

1. Silas makes me laugh. He says things like: "hey, can you smell something under your bed? If you can smell something under your bed it's me! Can you smell me?"
2. Ok, I just think he has the cutest face. I love his face!
3. He can make others feel loved and can be super sweet. They each got a chocolate bar from their Grandma for valentines day. Brigham was eating his in front of his little brothers and they were asking if he would share. Brigham refused. Finally Silas ran downstairs to get his and shared a piece with Adam. 
4. I love his imagination. 
5. He tells me frequently, "Mom, I will always love you."

1. Listening to Adam talk makes me happy. He has a cute voice and he says the cutest things. 
2. He is a little comforter. When I want some comfort, Adam  will snuggle with me and it really makes me feel better.
3. He is a pretty happy kid.
4. He puts up with his big brothers and will even dish it back at times.
5. I like to much his cheeks.

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