Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Expressing Gratitude for the Angels in my Life

There are so many wonderful women that surround me that have come to my rescue and dropped what they were doing to help me recently. They literally have been my guardian angels. I really want to express appreciation to them and let them know how much they have helped and blessed me. 
In this pregnancy, I have had a small hemorrhage which has caused worry, confusion, fear, and pain. (However, let me reassure you that everything is fine). 
When I had the first symptoms of this hemorrhage, I of course thought I was having a miscaairrage. I was devasted and didn't want to get out of bed until i had to go to the Dr.  My visiting teachers were the angels for me on this day. One of them brought my kids lunch, played and babysat them for four hours, and also ended up rescuing my husband from getting his car stuck sliding into a ditch. My other visiting teacher showed up with dinner that night. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. 
I ran to the Dr's again because I was worried about symptoms I was having. My sister came to my rescue this time. She came and watched the boys on such short notice. What an awesome sister! 
A third time I went to the doctor because of horrible constant cramping. This time I took the kids but I was supposed to pick up the kindergarten carpool. I wouldn't be able to do that because the appointment was taking a long time. I called a wonderful friend who said she would pick up the kids and take Brigham home with her. When I came to pick Brigham up, she said, "drop off your other kids and go home and take a nap". She just offered to take all of my kids for a few hours so I could get some rest. Not to mention that she has taken my shift for carpool like six times. This friend is amazing! She is literally a guardian angel to me and many others.

Our family also came down with the flu earlier this year. We had a few angels take care of us then too. 
A dear woman came to be with the younger two (she even left her service shift to come) while I took Brigham to see the Dr due to a 105 degree fever. 
My sister brought us dinner when the other boys came down with it too. Wow!

I also feel grateful that my mother-in-law could watch the boys when I had to work recently. 

I can go on and on. I continue to be amazed at such compassion and care from these women. These women have their own families to take care of and yet, they take care of others as well. I am so grateful for these women!!! These angels!

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Renae W. Mackley said...

God helps us thru others and those who help others get God's help. I glad they can help you while I am far away.