Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week #1 of Harvest Break

Well, due to the wonderful Harvest break, I get to have Brigham home for 2 weeks! Wow, I had to think of some things to do with the kids! 
First of all, we needed to get organized and get in the habits of daily chores. We started a 2 week sticker chore chart 3 weeks ago and we finally got a good thing going this week. The fact that I finally bought prizes for completion of their chore chart may have had some help in motivating them to actually clean up. But, we went from "No! We can't pick up toys without your help, Mom!" to them cleaning their room and the entire downstairs and putting everything in the right place by themselves!!! Awesome!!!!!

The boys earned some fun things because of their hard work. So, they earned playtime at the park, picking out books from the library, and a trip to the zoo! I have to say that though my kids are crazy and silly at times, grumpy and cranky at times (well they are KIDS!) they are really good kids and I am super blessed. 

Now, the task is what to do with them for this coming week? Especially if it rains! Which, please pray that the sun will come out and "dry up all the rain" so our farmers can finish their spud harvest. The grain was already ruined, please pray for the farmers to be able to harvest the spuds! 

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