Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ahh!!!!! My children can be terrors!!!

Ok. Big deep breath! I need to vent this out, because I hope it will make me feel a little better by releasing this to the public. Then you all can laugh because it's not you.....yet!

Well, the funny thing is that I had my bedroom door locked all morning because I had some craft things in my bedroom that I didn't want kids to get into. Since I had an extra child here today that I was babysitting, I figured it was a good idea to just leave my bedroom locked. 

Well, I unlocked it to go get something later in the day and I didn't think I needed to lock it again. 

Here is where the real mommy errors begin. I went into the bathroom and thought I would look at some amazon deals for Christmas gifts for the kids on my phone. (Admit it, I am not the only one who gets on my phone in the bathroom. If I am: ok I am wierd, but I learned a valuable lesson about not doing it anymore). 

Anyway, I got too distracted and then Brigham knocks on the door and says, "mom, something bad is happening in your room."

I walk in my room to see two purple-faced monsters staring at me. Their arms are purple, their clothes are purple and my carpet is purple!!!!! Aahhhhh!!!!!!!! Purple acrylic paint does not come out of clothes or carpet very well at all!!! After dragging them to the bathtub, I realize now I have paint on my clothes! Momma is not happy. I probably scrubbed that paint off their little bodies a little too roughly. 

Anyway, I know that half of it was my fault. I need to not be a distracted mother. I need to step away from my phone and pay attention to the kiddos. Motherhood is a most important calling. It is very demanding at times and very frustrating at times, but so rewarding and so important. I pray for the help I need to be able to have the patience and love to do this most important job.

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