Monday, July 14, 2014

Evidences of All Boys

I know a lot of women who have all boys. We should start a club! My cousin-in -law called it the MOB ( Mom's of Boys). How many of you moms seen the same thing in your home?

1. I can never find the hose attachments to the vacuum because they are always stealing them to use for swords.

2. My house sounds like a lion's den. They are constantly roaring at each other and trying to do it louder than the other.

3. Potty words are apparently the most hilarious thing in the world. I can't believe how young they pick up on it too. Adam is not even two yet and he knows he gets the best laugh from his brothers if he just says "Pooooop!"

4. If I am on the ground I better have my guard up because it is wrestling time and I will be the next victim. Be prepared to be attacked from any angle!

5. My boys are constantly hungry or thirsty. If I am out and about and don't have some sort of sustanace in my purse I will hear whining and complaining the whole time. They seem to need something in their stomachs every five minutes. 

6. A pack of boys feed off of each other's energy. I am amazed that if one of them is gone, the house is so quiet and still. But for some reason if they are all together it becomes an incredible synergistic effect and the volume and craziness are multiplied by 100! If sugar is part of the equation then it is multiplied by 1000.

I do have to say that boys can be super sweet! When boys are sweet, they are really sweet because you know they are sincere. Silas tells me every night, "I wuv you, mom". Adam gives really good cuddles in the morning. Brigham likes to give hugs and I love it when he is in the mood to be helpful. Here are some recent pics.

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