Monday, January 19, 2015

Snow much New Year Fun!

New Years Eve was fun to spend with the Daybell's. We played games and had lots of snacks. We left Silas at grandma and grandma Bitter's because he was sick and so was grandpa. At midnight we woke Adam up to go home and he started a barking cough like he had croup.
So, we started the new year with 3 sick kids since Brigham picked up the bug too. We went to the cabin anyway, since family did to seem to mind we were sick and they had been sick anyway. 
The cabin was fun. We played lots of games, had lots of snacks, went snowmobiling and sledding, (which ended up not being a good idea for a pregnant woman). It took me some convincing to go on a longer snowmobile ride, but I finally consented to go and it is so beautiful to ride among the green evergreen trees in a wonderful winter wonderland. I did get stuck of course, but Doug and Kent got me out just fine. I was really happy I went. I got back to find my two baby boys passed out on the floor and the couch. Poor little tired little ones. 

I feel very blessed that I never ended up getting sick. I am grateful for that. However, the Monday after we got back from the cabin I started bleeding a lot. I was sure I was loosing the baby. I was heart broken. I didn't dare move much, so I called my visiting teacher and she came to take care of the boys, she brought them McDonalds for lunch and watched them for four hours. She also rescued Doug, who slid into the side of a ditch bank on his way back to work from giving me a blessing. We went to the Dr's to discover the amazing and miraculous news that I was going to keep the baby. The placenta tore away from the wall a little (most likely during sledding) and then rebounded back. I am so grateful!!!! What a blessing to have not lost the baby! My other visiting teacher brought us dinner that night and I sobbed out of gratitude. We have good Christlike women in our ward and I am so grateful for my visiting teachers (Ray and Cristy). 

We also had the opportunity to attend the open house type funeral for my sweet angel patient I worked with for two years. And we attended my Grandpa's funeral. He was 96 and now reunited with my grandma. It was so fun to be with the Weight cousins, some of whom I hadn't seen for at least 4 years. 

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