Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Memories 2014

Looking back on this Christmas season, the things that stand out the most and the things that create the most happiness and warm Christmas spirit are:

Caroling with the Eddington's to both the widows and those who just needed a sweet melodious visit. I feel that we uplifted some people that night.
Inviting some friends to come to our ward Christmas party and they came!
Leading the ward Choir in "What Shall We Give"
Singing with the stake choir for the Christmas program and sweet wonderful people (the Becker's and the Hollists) watching our kids during all our practices. 
Adopting a Christmas angel with my sister and her family.
My parents and little brother coming to visit us for a few days before Christmas. We got to go to the zoo, the visitors center, and Red Robin, play games, and treat Doug and Dad to a birthday breakfast at Denny's on Christmas Eve morning. 
Taking the boys to pick out their brother gifts. 
Watching my kids participate in the nativity scene. Having a surprise visit from Santa, and watching the boys be so excited about their gifts. 

What a wonderful and special time of year. I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. #He is the gift. 

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