Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tender Mercies

Life has just continued to go on and I have recognized that the Lord has been watching out for us. Doug lost his jump drive which had some important things on it. He searched and prayed and couldn't find it. He was feeling really down about loosing that. When I noticed that he was really down I started to pray harder and began searching with him too. While I was searching for his jump drive, I found my phone charger. Then we said our prayer together and during the prayer he was only thanking Heavenly Father for things; as he was praying I knew with a strong certainty that if he did not ask for anything, but only expressed gratitude, he would find his jump drive. Sure enough, he closed the prayer with only thankfulness. Afterward, I went outside to shut the hose off and decided to look in Doug's car which he had already cleaned out and searched for in. I reached under the driever's seat and felt something rubbery (Doug said a rubberband was  attached to the jump drive). I grabbed it and held my breath; as I pulled it out it was rush of amazement and joy. No doubt about it, it was The Lord who helped me find that jump drive. 

When we drove down to Utah close to bountiful, there was a metal latter right in the middle of our lane which caused the cars in front of us to slam on their brakes and we slammed on our brakes and the car behind us slammed on their brakes. We were totally untouched. Going from 70 to 0 mph in ten seconds  on a busy freeway and we were not touched by another car. How can anyone doubt that these are tender mercies from The Lord. How blessed!!! 

These pics have nothing to do with the stories I told: but these little guys are tender mercies too! 

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