Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Deep Gratitude

Every 3 months I get reminded of a miracle. I take Brigham for his check-up and get his blood drawn. The Dr always is so thrilled to see how well and happy Brigham is. The nurses who have worked at Teton Cancer Institute for the last five years are always so happy to see him. One of the nurses said, "isn't it so amazing?" as she was shaking her head in disbelief. The medical staff consider him a miracle and five years later they still can't believe how amazing he is doing. They make me realize and remember  how wonderful and miraculous it is that I have a healthy, smart, happy five year old. 
So, he gets his blood drawn and then I look at the results with the Dr. My eyes always go to the "flag" column first to see if something was too high or too low. Well, for the first time in the history of my son's entire life that section was blank! All of his levels were within normal range! (His eosinophils are always just a little high) not this time! This hit me hard with a large wave of gratitude. 

It became a grattitude dominoes effect. I started to think how grateful I was for my other little ones. Adam has been wanting me to pick him up and hold him all the time lately. He grabs on my legs and looks up at me and shouts, "Mom, Mmooomm!l" I told a friend on Sunday as he was pulling on my legs, "ugh, he's being a momma's boy lately" she kindly responded, "well, enjoy it while it lasts I guess". Her response was perfect and just what I needed to hear. I said, "you're right!" I quickly picked him up and kissed him. I am grateful I get to hold my little Adam. 

We were walking around a neighbor's farm ground on Monday and they have animals and a big dog. Silas wanted to hold my hand the whole time. But he not only held my hand, he squeezed the dear life out of it. But, I am so grateful to have a child know that mommy will protect him. It's a great blessing to have little fingers squeeze your hand.

I am so grateful for my husband who helped me get the kids into his car and I left him with the van that had a dead battery for him to take care of. Tonight I came home from a relief society meeting expecting to get the stack of dirty dishes done only to find that the dishwasher is going and the sink is empty when I get home. Now, dishes are not his favorite thing especially since we have poor water pressure, so when he does the dishes it means: I LOVE YOU! 

Deep grattitude is truly one of the most happy and fulfilling feelings to be felt. 

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