Friday, February 19, 2016

Causing a Mother's Heart to Burst

   Mothers, you know the feeling when you have moments with your children that pull on your heart strings and your heart just bursts with love for that child? It can happen when they do something courageous or kind, big or small. But, isn't it incredible how it can happen so unexpectedly over the most simple things?
  It happened to me yesterday when I went to pick up Adam from preschool. He walked out of the house by himself carrying his plastic sack that held his crafts. He made his way down the stairs fighting against the wind that was pelting him in the face, but yet he moved forward, not deterred by it in the least. The image of my baby boy fighting the wind was what did it. It struck a chord in my heart and my heart burst with so much love for him that I had to run out there and pick him up and smother him in kisses.
  It happened when Silas was brave and went to greet a resident of a nursing home at my request and even on his own accord reached out to hold her hand breifly. Oh, the sweetheart!
   It happened when Brigham entertained his little sister (who wanted mommy) so I could make dinner.
  It happens frequently when the sweetest little daughter gives me her two-teeth grin and let's out a squeal of happiness.
  It's in these moments when I recognize how pleased our Heavenly Father is with us when we are brave, loving, obedient, and happy. He loves us very much. But when we serve, love, and are obedient to His commandments, He must be brim with joy.


Renae Mackley said...

Sometimes we can't help but do as our spirits are inclined to do and sometimes we make special efforts, but our heritage or heavenly parentage comes through.

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